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bold colors! excellent color payoff!! the best palette ever! I swear every girl should own at least one naked palette in their collection. it's all neutrals colors; great for every day - what girl wouldn't like that?!

loveeeeeeee it! the sheets may be small but they give you a good amount for going out. I would say it's about a "travel size". you can always buy refillables and replace it! it has a little compartment similar to a tissue box, which is a bonus for me :)

better than I thought

in my opinion, I think clean&clear works much better or at least is more visible in results..rather than neutrogena. my skin seems to cooperate with clean&clear products better than the cleansers from neutrogena


it was okayy. it didn't do everything it said. I felt like I was just putting some thick liquid on my face for no reason. I guess it just doesn't work for everyone.


I have the magic spell one (light pink). the color is so nice and the shine is just perfect! it's not too shiny and it looks very natural and classy. I was very pleased


this foundation was probably my first! it blended decently..but clogged my pores. the variety of colors they offer are good though..which makes it much easier to find the correct tone for anyone

it may not be OPI, but i still like this collection. it paints very smoothly and comes out nice! I owned two since I had bought the french nails kit, the nude pink polish that came with was very cute!

they're cheap and good. although, they're not as great as the full length ones if you are in a hurry! but the benefits of you can select the ones you want and place them in any order

great for its value

it's from elf. you can't set your expectations too high. it's already a "studio brush" and it's at a cheap price. it does what it says. it's good quality for the price given, that's all.


these mousse products by maybelline (blush, foundation, etc) feel really nice on the fingers and skin. BUT they actually make your face feel heavy AND THEY CLOG YOUR PORES! leads to breaks out and bad skin. :(

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