Duralash Flare


Kristina C.

These lashes are amazing. They add fullness and length with a natural and realistic look. Works well with a toned down look, as well as to amp up a high fashion look. You can combine short medium and long on one eye. These are affordable and easy to use...however I wouldn't use the glue that is included with these lashes as it is ineffective and burns the eyes. I would pair these lashes with DUO glue.

Elizikk Y.

These add a lot of thickness to my lashes, without me adding a lot of mascara. Since I have long lashes; I put 3 or 4 lashes on each eye, run my mascara over everything and I'm out the door. These are great to spice up a neutral look.

Scarlett B.

These lashes are a good choice. When i first bought them i was hesitant because my natural eyelashes are very short so i always wear long lashes, but when i tried them out they looked very natural and i was satisfied, and there cheap I bought mines for $1 at a beauty supply near my house.

Elize M.

Love these a lot more than the knotted full length lashes..I love how you cant see where these lashes begin and that it flawlessy blends in with my natural lashes...They are more natural and give you the same long/full lash effect but better !!

Saerom H.

I have naturally long eye lash but not a lot, so i use Ardell Duralash Medium Black! it works great. looks very natural and you don't need to be pro to put it on ^^ much easy, fast and natural than whole fake lash!

Myshel D.

I was always afraid of using individual lashes because I had a difficult time learning how to use strip lashes. But when I finally decided to go for it this was the brand I used. I feel its more simple to put on then strip lashes. And less then $5 which is less then you would pay for just a pair of lashes. You can choose how many to put on you eye... So you want a thick or thin set of lashes this is the way to create it. I like using short, medium & long all together because it gives it a more alluring/sexy look to the eye.

Sonia A.
You decide how many to use...awesome!

I love the fact that the individual pieces can be place where you want and it's not as hard as applying the full ones. These are perfect for a beginner and for a seasoned make-up artist who pays attention to every little detail you know who you are... perfectionist's a must in your beauty bag. And I must say for a more natural and demure look you gotta try them.

Jenna G.

I love these !!! I used them on myself often and every bride that comes in i always use these ardell lashes. My brides love these because they look so natural no one will be able to tell you have on false lashes, they will just think wow your lashes look amazing!\

they are a little hard to apply at first but you get the hang of it !

Angel F.
looks good but a pain to put on

I love how they amp up your eyelash volume and look more natural than strip lashes. The only problem I had with them is that they are so hard to put on evenly on both eyes and they get lost easily.

Lena N.

they're cheap and good. although, they're not as great as the full length ones if you are in a hurry! but the benefits of you can select the ones you want and place them in any order