Beauty Product Reviews

i love these blushes! i wanted a peachy color and im loving peachy keen! i didnt think it would be good blush cuz of the price, but it definitely works!

I like the concealer, i think it covers my dark cirles and imperfections. the highlighter SUCKS as a HIGHLIGHTER! its tooooo white! idk what they were thinking .. BUT! i use it as a eye primer! seriously! i can compare it to urban decays eye primer! it really helps your eyeshadows stick! try it !

I really enjoy these and how they dont rub off! for the price its super good quality! I hated the brush that came with it but no big deal, i just used the one that i have for gel liner!

I love these! i always do nail designs on myself and friends and these are my go to polishes! And I love how I always find them for a dollar! cant beat that!

I have a love hate relationship with this product. I absolutely love the way it makes my face look. Im not a fan of liquid foundations at all, and this is probably the only foundation that i found that REALLY covers everything. i like my face to be a little darker so i use nc35. nc30 is a lil too pale for my liking. so yea i used this for forever, but it did start to make me break out. its alittle too heavy. but i guess thats the point fot the flawless coverage eh?

love it, pricey but definitely worth the purchase. really helps my eyeshadows stick. i love using it when i use like cheap drugstore makep. ends up lasting super long and applying like pricey mac make up

i love these! long lasting easy to blend! i did a tutorial based on one of the ads for the fierce and tangy :) you girls should chec it out :) id appreciate it much!

this is my favorite mascara! ive been using this for a while and I havent found one that compares. I have really short lashes and I love how they make them grow.

I looove sinful colors! so many pretty shades and super afordable! the BES thing about these is how fast they dry! im super clumsy whn it comes to letting my nails dry! and with these, I dont have to worry about messing up my nails 15 minutes later!

color im wearing is cream pink :)

I love this pallette! it was my first ever purchased and i absolutely adore it! so many nice colors, easy to blen! i just started doing tutorials and my first one was using this palette! please go to my page, links tomy video is there! i will definitelybe doing more tutorials with this palette! :)