Beauty Sideshow: Freaky Record Breaking Beauty


Chris Walton from the Guinness Book of World Records

Step on up folks, we’ve got the strangest collection of beauty oddities you ever did see! Now that we’re hooked on the haunting imagery from American Horror Story: Freak Show, we got to thinking about the freakiness of the beauty world. After all, the first international beauty contest was held by none other than P.T. Barnum of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. If Mr. Barnum could create a sideshow glorifying more conventional assets, then those that possess more extraordinary features should be showstoppers.

Let’s turn to the Guinness Book Of World Records to see some of the most extreme beauty cases currently in existence around the globe!

Photo: Guinness Book of World Records

Longest Hair

Reportedly, the longest hair on a living woman belongs to Xie Qiuping of China. Her hair hasn’t been cut since 1973 making her ends older than most of us. It currently measures over 18 ft long.

Photo: Guinness Book of World Records

Longest Nails

We all know the pain of trying to grow out our natural nails, and most of us lose our baby claws after just a few days due to breaks or nervous teething. This is not the case for Chris Walton whose natural nails measure anywhere from 1 to over 3 ft making for a total of over 19 ft of fingernails. Walton paints her talons rainbow colors and can even play the piano, golf, drive a car, and just about anything else you can think of!

Photo: Guinness Book of World Records

Largest Breasts

Breast augmentation has been taken to extreme by women today, but what if you’re breasts were naturally the largest part of your body? Annie Hawkins Turners bra size is a whopping 48V, a size that doesn’t even exist in stores. Before any of us were old enough to have breast envy, Turner’s had grown to a size large enough for an adult bra before she even entered the fourth grade. Her bust measures an incredible 70 inches around.

Photo: Guinness Book of World Records

Smallest Waist

While the obsession with small waists is ongoing, even the smallest natural size is no match for Cathie Jung. At 5’ 8” with a 39” bust/hip measurement, her waist measures only 15 inches. An avid corset trainer, Cathy has spent decades lacing herself tightly into corsets, even to sleep. Her website compares her waist size to that of an average jar of mayonnaise!