Nail Art Superstar: Mia Rubie of Superfly Nails


San Francisco born and raised, Mia Rubie first got into nail art in 2008. Bringing together her love for nail art and her background in business education, she eventually opened Sparkle SF, a nail art boutique in SF’s Mission District, which specializes in expertly customized manicures. Her current favorite nail art trends are negative space designs, nudes and neons, and fine detailed line. Fashion designers and street are just a couple of her inspirations.

Check out Mia’s talented work below and follow her at @Superflynails!

Nails inspired by a Mara Hoffman dress that both Mia and her client were crazy about!

This mani is a perfect combination of several of Pucci’s fabulous patterns. Genius!

Piet Mondrian’s famous primary-colored line grids in the form of fabulous nails!

A bright multi-colored design for a client going on vacation to Mexico, done with decals, gems, and freestyle painting!

A client came into the salon with a dog-eared Fendi advertisement in Vogue and Mia was able to creatively translate the ad by doing a red, coral, and white gradient.

Mia Rubie of Superfly Nails and owner of Sparkle SF.