Bohemian Beauty Inspiration


Winter may not be ideal for wearing maxi dresses or flowers in your hair, but there are still plenty of ways to infuse a hippie-chic vibe into your look. Check out a few of our favorite ways to add some boho flavor into your style.


Whether you wear a thin feather extension or a full peacock look, feathers are a fun way to express your free spirit. Plus, unlike delicate flowers, you can carefully slip them under your winter hat without ruining them.

Beautylish recommends: H &M Feather Hairband 


Time to let loose! Embrace you inner wild child (and the seasonal static) by adding more volume to your 'do. Use a large curling iron to create ringlets, alternating directions to give your locks a tousled texture. Roughly brush through your strands and flip your hair over your head for a final boost of volume.

Beautylish recommends: Hot Tools -Supertool 2" Curling Iron


Positioning a cloth, ribbon, or elastic headband along the hairline is a simple way to evoke a gypsy feel. For a gorgeous daytime look, select a brightly patterned scarf and position it over your forehead or a little farther back on the top of your head like a traditional headband.

Beautylish recommends: L. Erickson USA It's A Wrap Funkadelic Cotton Scarf

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