Tips and tricks for battling oily eyelids


Ever wonder why your eye makeup won’t stay in place? You apply and apply only to have it end up under your lids, creasing, or melting throughout the day. The culprit: you might have oily eyelids and not even know it. But there are extra steps you can implement into your daily beauty routine, and Too Faced’s Director of Global Education, Kate Watson, is here to tell us how to keep that eyeshadow in place!

You might think the oil on your eyes is created by sweat or skin type, but it’s actually created by the shape of your eyes—not everyone with oily skin will have oily lids. While hormonal changes can contribute to the oil levels in your skin, your eye shape and the position of the over-active glands are the primary culprits for making the lids more oily. 

The main problem with oily lids is that the extra oil can create an eye makeup meltdown! Creasing and smudging are more likely to happen when makeup and oil mix on the lid.

Watson tells us there is a simple step to combating oily lids. “Primer is key” she says, “it’s what you use, not the application, that makes the difference.” Watson recommends Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye shadow Primer, which is a full coverage eyeshadow primer that prevents fading, creasing, and smudging. Eye primers will even out skin tone on your eyelids and smooth out fine lines to create a perfect canvas for shadows. They also help to absorb the oil. Even the richest eye shadows, be they cream or powder, can stay in place on oily lids if you start with an efficient primer.

Looking to ditch the excess oil on your lids even when you aren’t wearing makeup? Watson tells us, “Using an eye cream in the evening, around the eye area (not on lid) can help to balance moisture around the eyes”. This will keep oil more evened out and not clumped in one specific area like your lids.

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