Too Faced

Shadow Insurance


Not sure its for Oily lids

Ive heard so much about this primer. I am personally a fan of UD Primer Potion, but as a guru I figured Id give it a try and tell you all my thoughts. Its so so. If I lost it I wouldnt cry, but it does get the job done.

This was a miracle for me!

For the longest time I would have this embarrassing crease in my eyeshadow right where my eyelid drove me crazy and I thought there was no hope for me....I came by this product just by chance and thought: let me give this a try. It really works!!!! I can wear my eyeshadow from morning to night and no crease!!!

Desert Island Product!

I can NOT go without this product! I use on average one a year, and I wear eyeshadow with this primer every single day. If I am interested in something that gives more color-popping effect, I layer NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in Milk over this primer, but I never ever go without it!

Silky texture

I got a sample of the TFSI with my order of the Naked Eye Collection- which was great because I thought I might need to run out and buy it (I like to use the same brands for eye primer and shadow first, THEN mix and match). The sample is pretty hefty but its hard not to accidentally dry it out when its opened, even when tucked in a plastic sandwhich baggie. Nevertheless, the formula still holds up even when it thickens. Anyway, I've heard so many great things about this primer I was glad to finally get it, even as sample (I was beginning to think I was the only girl on the planet that didn't have this!). Texture wise this is very silicone-y- super silky, a texture I kinda love/hate. I don't think I creased up much, but I have been so often lately regardless of the primers I've been using. Oh well. This primer almost resembles the Lorac Behind the Scenes eye primer. Its too silky to be like the UDPP, which is more tacky and putty-like and Benefit's Stay Don't Stray is wet and creamy, nothing like this one. If you really like that slippery smooth finish this is the eye primer for you. I would get it again, but its not tops on my list, right this moment.

Works great, but creases the fastest on me!

I got a sample of this. My shadows apply super vibrant over them without a base, more than my other primers. However, this also creases the fastest on me and badly. I always set my primer with a skintone color to help blending and prevent as much creasing as possible. My Tarte Creaseless primer and GDE Control Freak last about 10 hours without creasing. I can always use a base to pull ultimate vibrancy. Overall, this isn't my favorite, but works really nice. I've tried a lot worse!

If it works in Singapore, It'll work for you!

If you know anything about this tiny little island, its that it's freakin HUMID, all day, everyday, 365 days a year. When you're here, you need a primer desperately because of the high humidity in this tropical city. I did an entire night out clubbing, with the hot & humid night drizzle, coming back home and sure enough, my makeup didn't even crease a bit! It looked as perfect as it did when I left the house. Oh and did I mention I got lost and started running around and was sweating like a gross pig in heels?! Even THEN, didn't budge. So if it can survive the high heat & humidity of Singapore, people, it'll work for you!


Buy this. Use it everyday. The product in the tube lasts forever and it keeps my eye shadow looking great for over 24 hours. It will even prevent my eyeliner and mascara from smearing on to my brow bone. Probably th best beauty product I have purchased.

Eyeshadow primer plus long lasting eyeliner!!

I love to use this underneath my eyeshadow for a long wear but mix the primer with some black eyeshadow and you have yourself one long lasting eyeliner. I simply love this eyeshadow primer!!


Not only do I have incredibly oily lids, I also have incredibly sensitive skin. To the point where if I remove my make-up with a cloth at night, I absolutely HAVE to rinse my face off or the remover from the wipe will turn my lids red and I look rabid. I'm sorry, it's gross, but for the sake of the review, it should be said. TFSI keeps my make-up on ALL day. And I'm going from foggy and rainy San Francisco to sauna humid New York summers. Does. Not. Budge. AND, unlike other primers and eye products, it doesn't sting my eyes. It's a mainstay in my make-up bag and I highly recommend it.

Love this

I have every UD primer that has come out and this one too. Out of all of them this is my fave by far b/c when I use this my eye shadow does not crease at all, with the UD my shadow creases by the end of the day.I will repurchase and try to stick to this one exclusively.