Mascara Triple Threat: Anna Sui Lashes Out


What’s better than one mascara? How about three? We’re gaga over the 3 new elegant lash lovelies to enter the Anna Sui line. Find out why you should be adding all three rose-scented wands to your cosmetics wardrobe, below.

Length & Separation Mascara | shop it

There’s magic in the shape of this mascara brush. It boasts an eyelid-size curve that allows you to hit all your lashes in one go. Then, the tapered end of the brush is great for dabbing corner lashes, and the bristles comb out clumps as you sweep, creating a defined look. A thick and buildable formula, layering this mascara will create a faux lash look without the heavy feel of a set of falsies. The formula also lends itself well to curling, thanks to high quality polymers. Smudge-proof mascara (go on, rub your eyes) removes easily with warm water.

Curl & Volume Mascara | shop it

At first glance, it may look the same, but this mascara is a whole other animal. With two lengths of bristles on one brush, here is a product that does it all. The full sides of the brush comb through all your lashes from root to tip, while the short bristled sides of the wand work to build up volume at the base. Unlike it’s lengthy counterpart, this formula is water and sweat-proof, making it a great option for dramatic daytime looks or a night out dancing. It’s dense with a smooth finish for clump-free volume and maximum curl holdability.

Mascara Primer & Top Coat | shop it

We know you’re wondering why you should add a lash primer to your regime, but making a habit of using this elegant option will have you wondering how you ever lived without it. Coating bare lashes in the clear formula separates and smooths your strands so mascara will slide on effortlessly and stay on all day. When applied as a top coat, this coating goes on wet but stays balmy, which conditions lashes and creates shine and depth. The formula creates a water-resistant barrier overtop mascara but it will still slide away with a soap and water wash. Bonus idea: the curl-holding ingredients make this a great bare lash option. Coat curled lashes in a layer to hold the shape all day and condition lash strands for a healthy look and feel.

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