4 Y2K Braided Tendril Hairstyles for Summer


If you haven’t yet succumbed to the braided tendril takeover, try out this Y2K trend during the summer season. You may have seen this style highlighted on long, straight or wavy strands, but the trend also looks great on a variety of hair types and lengths.

Frame your face with these easy braided styles for short and medium lengths with versatile options for a range of hair textures. Plus, keep these styles in your arsenal for seasons to come.

Look #1: Half up, half down with flipped out ends

You may think face-framing braids only fly with super long hair–negative! Bobs (and lobs!) can also take part in the fun.

First, part your hair down the middle. Section strands to create a half up, half down ponytail. Before securing it with a hairband or scrunchie, leave out tendrils framing your face–be sure that you separate enough hair to create small braids.

If the tendrils around your face are too short, slick those back with a little pomade, and pull forward hair from about an inch behind your hairline to braid.

Then, braid the tendrils–they don’t have to be perfect braids either. Secure with elastics, or add a small amount of gel to your strands before braiding and leave them loose. For extra fun, flip out the ends of your hair with a flat iron and secure the style with a spritz of hairspray.

Look #2: Half up, half down pigtails

Rock your natural locks this summer and add braided tendrils to the mix for a little Y2K flair!

Dampen your hair, apply a curl-defining gel, and scrunch curls upward to define your natural pattern. Part your hair down the middle and section off a small handful of hair on either side of your part, leaving out face-framing tendrils (enough to braid!). Leave the remainder of your hair down.

Then, gather each handful of hair into pigtails and secure with elastics. Braid the tendrils and secure with an elastic or leave loose. Use a diffuser for frizz-free volume.

Look #3: Low spiky buns

Wear these spiky low buns with rimless sunglasses and platform sandals for a look inspired by a summer day in the early 2000’s.

Part your hair to your preferred side, and leave out strands from about an inch behind your hairline. Pull those forward, add a bit of gel, and braid them.

Gather your hair into two low ponytails (leaving out the braided strands) and secure with an elastic. Wrap your hair around each elastic to create two buns with your ends left out.

Secure each bun with another elastic. Add more drama to the spiky look by flat ironing the ends sticking out and sealing with pomade.

Look #4: Voluminous curly bun

Add braids to naturally curly buns for an effortlessly cute pool or beach hairstyle!

Dampen your strands and then comb a curl-enhancing leave-in through your hair. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a scrunchie. Be sure to leave out tendrils to frame your face.

With bobby pins, begin loosely pinning curly strands around your elastic to create a voluminous bun. Braid the tendrils around your face and secure with a small elastic or simply let loose.

Illustrations by Megan Badilla