Perfect Pairs: Are Matching Lips and Nails Back? 


Matchmaking is the thing to do this summer, and we’re not talking about dating. There’s a love affair going on right under your nose—between lipstick and nail polish.

If you think getting matchy-matchy with your makeup seems dated, think again. Some of our favorite brands are pushing coordinated lipstick and polish sets, and you know what? We’re into it. We always love a retro red on both the lips and tips, but the sets below show how modern shades of fuchsia, beige, and even purple can pop when worn together. Which duos are you drooling for?

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Lip Tar and Nail Lacquer Sets

Beautylish adores drag queens, so it shouldn’t be hard to guess how we feel about the new drag duo packs from OCC. Each zipper pouch set contains a nail polish and matching Lip Tar, plus a bonus trading card featuring one of the brand’s three celebrity drag faces—Vicky Vox, Willam, or Detox. With six choices from neutral to neon, even closet queens will find shades that suit them perfectly.

Givenchy: Lipsticks and Nail Polishes

A subtle nod to the trend, Givenchy has quietly released three matching lipsticks and nail polishes each (Beige Mousseline, Fuchsia Irrésistible, and Grenat Initié) for their Le Rouge (lips) and Le Vernis (nails) collections. The three shades are sold separately, giving you options to match, or not to match—it’s up to you. Givenchy lipsticks are decidedly luxurious, packaged in a lambskin case, and the line’s polishes feature a redesigned brush with a rounded tip for better paint jobs. Finally, a dazzling way to wear Givenchy from head to toe that won’t drain our pocketbooks.

Anna Sui: Lipsticks and Nail Colors

Anna Sui lipstick is well-known not only for its iconic, sculpted black lacquer tube, but also for its range of classic, bright shades. And the line also has a full range of nail colors, each bearing a hint of the signature tea rose scent, with some matchy-matchy options to boot. Our pick is classic all the way: try lipstick in 400 with the Nail Color in 405 for a double dose of red. It really does go with everything.