5 Things You May Not Know about the Fusion Series Brushes


When applying cream products, it’s important to have a brush that can handle the task—that’s why I created my Fusion Series.

We named this series “Fusion” because of the very specific combination of bristles. These brushes combine natural and synthetic fibers, mixed together so that the two types of bristles benefit from each other’s functionality: the synthetic fibers help with the glide and distribution of the product and the natural bristles help with blending.

Here are 5 facts about the Fusion brushes that you may not know, that make them special:

Innovative Fude craftsmanship techniques

The Fusion brushes showcase several types of synthetic fibers. These fibers are manufactured in Japan, and then combined with natural bristles using techniques that only very few artisans can master.

The softest, silkiest brushes

Each Fusion Eye brush features a very specific mix of bristles that has been thoroughly developed with the manufacturer to give the brush the highest degree of softness and performance for the designed purpose.

More resilient and durable than 100% natural bristles

There are two major causes for bristle breakage or shedding: the application of creams may require more pressure when blending, and we also wash our Fude more frequently when using cream products. The Fusion mix helps and improves the durability of the brushes. The synthetic fibers strengthen the core of the brush and offer support to the natural bristles. Also the bristles don’t absorb as much product, and there is better diffusion.

There’s a reason they cost more

Their raw materials, complexity, and longer production time makes them more costly to manufacture in comparison to a full natural counterpart.

Jump from creams to powders and vice-versa

Just a wipe on a microfiber cloth and the bristles are easily spot-cleaned and can be used with different formulas consecutively. For example, with the Detail brush, you can apply a cream shadow or base, wipe the brush, and add a different topper formula and effortlessly blend with the same brush.

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