Beauty Notes: Dior’s New Fragrance Volume


Fashion houses were among the first mainstream fragrance creators, developing scents for customers to wear with their couture. The legendary house of Dior is at the top of the list, with iconic perfumes such as Miss Dior, Poison, and J’Adore to its name. In celebration of the brand, a trio of volumes has been released about the evolution of Dior’s couture, jewels, and fragrance. While the images alone are enough to entice hours of your time, each book reveals delicious tidbits of information from Dior’s history and inspiration. We're obsessed with the details it divulges, such as how Monsieur Dior came up with the name ‘Miss Dior’ (thought up as his younger sister entered a room) and intricate drawings of how the perfume flacons were created. It even describes how the founder insisted on spraying his atelier with over a liter of his first ever fragrance in the weeks preceding his acclaimed "New Look' couture show! Here's a visual treat of our favorite shots.

The volumes are available now in Assouline boutiques and at

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