Why You Need to Try Illamasqua’s Skin Base Foundation


Forget BB creams, Illamasqua’s latest foundation creation comes in shades suitable for every skin type (seriously!) and goes on like a dream. When we had the chance to sit down with the brand’s director of product development, the incredibly funny and knowledgeable David Horne, we picked his brain on what makes Skin Base so amazing—and then we became obsessed ourselves.

Developed after David investigated dozens of BB formulas (and found them lacking in shade and efficiency), Skin Base is Illamasqua’s answer to the perfect foundation. With 17 shades available in the US, David made it his mission to create a range of tones suitable for every skin tone in a formula that lets skin shine through while hiding imperfections. “It was so important to me to create a formula that worked for everyone and had the same properties as all the BB creams on the market,” explained David. “BB creams claim to suit everyone, but they only really suit three different skin tones.” Skin Base can be used as a concealer, already contains a primer, and is incredibly hydrating. The water-based formula also contains silicone—so you get that silky-soft feeling when it’s applied to your skin—and a vitamin C derivative to help fight against free radicals. “I’m incredibly proud to introduce this to the market,” said David. “I try everything, and I’m very critical of the products we release. They really do have to work.”

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