Skip the Gift Wrap Thanks To Oribe x Louis Barthélemy

Image courtesy of Oribe

Gift wrap? There’s no need for it when Oribe’s 2023 Holiday Collection comes in special edition packaging that’s a work of art.

Each year, we eagerly await Oribe’s stunning holiday packaging, and we’re happy to report that this year’s design didn’t let us down. Oribe teamed up with illustrator, textile designer, and artist, Louis Barthélemy. The multidisciplinary artist based in Marrakech, Cairo, and Paris took inspiration from the rich culture, beautiful lands, and captivating craftspeople of Egypt to create this one-of-a-kind packaging.

Illustrations courtesy of Oribe

Titled “Eternal Rituals”, the whimsical artwork showcases the role haircare has played in our daily life for centuries. Showcased through seven limited-edition gift sets, the narrative starts with a sublime deity with long hair flowing upwards, like the Nile River. Mythical Egyptian gods and goddesses braid the flowing locks under the watchful eye of Horus.

Image courtesy of Oribe

To make his vision come to life, Barthélemy collaborated with artisans and craftspeople in Marrakesh and Cairo in an effort to preserve and revive traditional crafts. Add whimsical color under the tree with vibrant shades, lush flora and fauna, and playful nods to Oribe.

Image courtesy of Oribe

Watch the video below to learn more about Louis Barthélemy and the inspiration behind his design, and shop Oribe’s 2023 Holiday Collection for gifts so beautiful you won’t have to wrap them.