Why Good Molecules Repackaged Their Bestselling Cleanser

Even though it’s hard to top the fan-favorite Good Molecules Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel, we dare to say this makeover is better than the original… especially for your wallet. In case you missed it, Good Molecules just updated their Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel and renamed it Hydrating Facial Cleansing Gel, based on customer feedback.

Wondering what’s new? We’re here to take you behind the scenes and break down everything that’s new and what stays the same.

New Name

While the formula still features rosewater, Good Molecules removed the superstar ingredient’s mention from the name. Rosewater still plays a key role in the cleanser’s effectiveness and soothing properties, but the new name avoids any confusion around the fragrance-free formula.

New Look

The new post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic tube is safer (no more risk of broken glass) but it also allows Good Molecules to give you more formula, at the same price point. That’s right, the new packaging houses 67% more cleanser without a price increase (!) The new lightweight tube is made from 100% PCR plastic, while the cap is 90% PCR, making it better for the environment and more convenient for you.

Same Formula

The best news—it’s the same fan-favorite formula you know and love. With no changes to the formula, it still gently purifies skin of dirt, oil, and makeup—without disrupting its natural moisture balance and pH. Antioxidant-rich rosewater soothes and helps skin maintain a bright tone, while pineapple extract helps gently purify skin and promote clarity and softness.

It’s still vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and suitable for all skin types.

Whether this formula has already secured a spot in your skincare routine or it’s brand new to you, these updates make it more enticing than ever. Try it for yourself.