Sonia G. Talks Brushes, Blogging & Business


In case you missed it, throughout the month of March we’re celebrating the dynamic women that are making beauty history. We kicked off our Women’s History Month series with UMA Founder Shrankhla Holecek, followed by a conversation with Lit Cosmetics Founder Jodie Perks and Danessa Myricks.

Now we’re excited to share our chat with the beauty behind brushes, Sonia G. You may know her from her blog, Sweet Makeup Temptations, her unbelievable collection of over 2,000 brushes, or her own line of high-quality, high-performance makeup brushes that are making waves throughout the beauty industry. Here’s more about her journey from IT architect, blogger and mother to a founder and entrepreneur.

How has your transition from blogger to businesswoman been?

I never thought that the blog could have such an impact in my life. I worked full time for a big luxury group as an IT architect while I ran my blog. The switch happened slowly and in stages—I worked on my brushes for three years starting in 2012, but didn’t fully quit my IT job until last year.

A year after I created the blog, I started meeting the artisans in person and spending time with them for fun, not business. They were proud to show me the very special pieces they were making and we would talk about their craft for hours. They really loved to hear my feedback, and I was thrilled! The transition idea came directly from the artisans. They kept asking, “When are we going to work on your own brushes?”

I didn’t take their questions seriously at first, probably because the thought of it was terrifying! Later, my family and close friends gave me a thousand reasons why I should do it. Having that kind of love and support behind me, I figured I might as well give it a try!

I started by ideating first—visualizing what this would look like, making my designs, and talking to the manufacturers. It was a few years after that, during my maternity leave, that I officially started the process.

Sonia G. with the Chikuhodo Family

What have been some of your biggest challenges?

I have encountered quite a few challenges in the process. The biggest was to believe in myself the way my family and friends did! It was also quite difficult to find the time to work on this project while having a full-time job and a baby on the way. It was also very challenging to be able to make exactly what I wanted in terms of design. When you aim to create something completely different, you automatically face more challenges, both technically and financially. The risks are so much higher, and we have to be both very convinced and convincing that it is worth it!

What are you most proud of so far in this journey?

Looking back, I think I am most proud of having started this journey from scratch. I don’t know what was the most exciting: starting the blog, creating the brushes, meeting those who share the same interest and love for craftsmanship, or just talking to the artisans! Every step of the journey has been mind-blowing. Today, what makes me happiest is to see that the people who were by my side and part of my journey at the very beginning are still here today. I am proud of having brought together amazing people and created long-term friendships and connections that are still going on strong today.

Sonia G. visiting Chikuhodo

With the current wave of professionals, there’s a huge buzz around entrepreneurship, side hustles, and becoming your own boss. How would you describe the reality of being a business owner and entrepreneur?

You really need to love what you do as you will be spending a lot of time doing it, and even when you aren’t doing it, you’ll still be thinking about it! I’m lucky that I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and do what I do, but it’s a process that doesn’t stop at 5pm. It requires a lot of discipline. And it’s true what they say, you will work harder than ever!

It’s a very rewarding journey and so worth it, but it can get tough and you may sometimes feel very anxious and extremely lonely. I’ve always been an independent and determined person, but having my friends and family close to me has been essential. I don’t think I would be where I am today without their continuous love and support.

Sonia G. with her daughterWhat are your greatest time management hacks?

Since my daughter was born, I learned how to make the most of every minute! Babies train us to be more efficient with our time, and it’s amazing how much we can achieve in just a few minutes! I don’t wait to have a long period of time available ahead of me to work on a task. Instead, I work in stages, doing as much as I can when I get a moment. It really suits me and my schedule best.

Also, I always keep a pen and notebook with me. Whenever I’m commuting on the train or have a moment to spare, I write, sketch and make sure to do something that I know will help me with a pending task or idea. Time is extremely precious, and I try to make the most of it.

Who has been the most significant female inspiration in your life? Why?

Rae Morris inspires me in so many ways. I first discovered her on YouTube and I was in awe of her skills and energy. The way she was teaching and sharing her knowledge was incredibly exciting. She uses makeup to advance her cause, but she stands for something bigger than makeup—it’s about helping others feel better about themselves. Today, I’m blessed to have her as a friend, and I am continuously blown away by her kindness and generosity. She said in an interview, “you don’t need to be nasty to be successful,” and I couldn’t agree more!

Biggest beauty prediction for 2020?

Bespoke, personalized skincare entirely built on the analysis of our unique skin to fit and complement our individual genetics and needs.

Any advice to other female founders and entrepreneurs that are just starting out?

Know your “why”. Knowing why you are taking this journey is going to help you reach your goals and give you a fulfilling sense of purpose.

Check out Sonia G.’s makeup brushes known for exquisite craftsmanship and efficiency, and come back for more candid conversations with inspiring female founders throughout the month of March.

All photos courtesy of Sonia G.