At 2:41, Indie Lee Explains Why Her Brain Tumor Was "The Best Thing That Ever Happened"


The much-loved all-natural skin care brand Indie Lee launches today in our shop, and there's no one we'd rather welcome to the Beautylish family than this inspiring woman (and her amazing products). Lee's "a-ha!" moment came in 2009, after she successfully survived brain surgery. Her doctors told her that environmental causes likely contributed to her brain tumor, and from that moment on, she was unstoppable. Determined to create a line of natural products and "create change in the beauty industry," Lee set out to work promptly after recovering. In this exclusive interview, Lee traces her journey, from the point of diagnosis (which she still says is "the greatest thing that ever happened to her") to today, as she continues to expand her recently re-designed line while spreading the word about the importance of using beauty products sans chemicals and toxins. At 1:40, find out who Lee created her very first batch of products for. It's not who you'd expect!

Shop Indie Lee on Beautylish, starting today, including two exclusives: The Radiant Skin System and Coconut Citrus Scrub. 

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