4 Trending Eye Looks Featuring Multichrome Shadows

Eye shadow can be a bit… intimidating, to say the least. Throw in the duochrome or multi-chrome pigments all over social media, and you may not even know where to start. Well, I can tell you first-hand that these light shifting pigments may be more wearable than you may have assumed at first glance. The trick is to find a buildable formula and place it strategically. That’s right, you don’t need to be a pro to pull off this latest, eye-catching shadow trend. Instead of applying the multi-chrome eye shadow all over your lids, try these four trending and subtle looks you can wear on the daily.

Just the Inner Corner

Instead of sweeping multi-chrome pigments all over your lid, try applying it just into the inner corners of your eyes. This look sits at the ideal balance of subtle and wearable but still trendy and eye-catching. Plus, there’s practically no room for error—you can even apply with your fingers!

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Center of Attention

Another example of strategic placement: pick a focal point for the multi-chrome pigments to (quite literally) shine. Start with a neutral shade all over the lid and then apply the multi-chrome shade just in the center of your eyelid. Blend it out a bit or choose a stark contrast—your call.

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Winged Liner

My favorite way to wear eye shadow? As liner! For me, it gives the perfect subtlety and hit of color—and in this case, shine, too! A richly-pigmented, liquid multi-chrome formula makes the perfect liner. The best part: you can go as thick, bold, and winged as you’d like!

Beautylish recommends Danessa Myricks Beauty Twin Flames Multichrome Pigment

Floating Liner

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible, floating liner just got even cooler with multi-chrome pigments! Start by applying a liquid multi-chrome formula at your lash line and sweep it up over your crease. Get as graphic and creative as you’d like—the possibilities are endless! To make the look pop even more, apply a second coat once the first dries.

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