An Ode to the Buffer Pro


Asking Sonia G. to pick her favorite brushes is like asking a parent to choose a favorite child, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. She chose the brush known for blending powders to a smooth, poreless finish. Here’s Sonia’s ode to her fave, the Buffer Pro. —Beautylish

“The Buffer Pro launched in 2018 (originally named Face One), and it was such an exciting brush to create. To get the exact density and feel on the skin, the bristles had to move together in a very steady flow to distribute strength evenly across its entire surface. This is really key—the brush is not moving or blending the product randomly, but rather softly blending exactly where we need it to, adapting to the skin softly yet effectively.

It’s still my favorite brush today. It has been quite tricky to keep it in stock during these past years, but we’re able to find artisans that can maintain the quality and deliver a brush that still performs. I am very grateful to them—and to you—for showing so much love to this amazing buffer. Thank you!”

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