Anna Sui’s NYFW Collection “Octopus’s Garden” Highlights Underwater Inspiration for Spring/Summer 2024

Image courtesy of Anna Sui

This year, fashion designer Anna Sui flooded New York Fashion Week with underwater inspiration. Her collection, “Octopus’s Garden,” drenched the stage with shimmery, iridescent hues, reminiscent of the sea life seen during her trip to Australia’s Gold Coast.

Her Spring/Summer 2024 show had models decked in designs and makeup that mimicked vibrant coral reefs, lustrous pearls, and glittering water droplets.

“I think it was all the coverage of the reef bleaching,” Sui said backstage. “I’m not an activist or anything like that, but I’ve just never seen anything more beautiful than the Great Barrier. So, I think it’s important to make a statement now.”

At the end of the show, the models lined up on the stage forming a metaphorical ecosystem to drive a deeper message surrounding imperiled reefs. Her program notes included a link to, which raises public awareness and support for a worldwide network of marine protected areas.

In addition, the makeup looks of Sui’s show offer a sneak peek at spring/summer beauty trends as she showcases her upcoming beauty releases for 2024.

This memorable look from her show displays a dewy foundation base, multi-colored lids, and pink lips. Plan to recreate the editorial look during the spring, and read on to discover the Anna Sui products used during NYFW.


According to the brand, spring foundation looks will hinge on ultra-moisturized, dewy skin. Anna Sui’s Clear Lotion features a Japanese kelp extract chock-full of amino acid, minerals, and alginic acid to improve skin texture and moisture levels. For this look, a glassy, hydrating base was created using Gel Foundation Primer and The Skin Balm. The balm smoothed pores while the gel-cream primer formula set the stage for the radiant, cushiony foundation seen on the runway. Anna Sui Water Powder (launching in May 2024), Loose Face Powder, and Rose Pressed Powder were also used to blur texture and add silkiness.

Image courtesy of Anna SuiEyes

Models walking in the show used Anna Sui Perfect Eyeliner. In this particular look, Sui sets her spring eye trends. Bright reef-inspired colors are sure to make a splash next year. June 2024 marks the launch of Anna Sui’s Vivid Eyecolor, where you’ll find the multiple colors featured. Target placement on the lids, lower lash lines, and tear ducts.

Image courtesy of Anna Sui


Sui forecasts that bold blush is here to stay. Add a bright flush like the Sponge Cheek Color in the rosy pink shade #301 to cheek bones.


Top off the look with soft pink lips using Lipstick Rouge in the shade #303. The pigmented, oil-infused formula imparts lips with vibrant color that melts comfortably onto skin for added moisture.


Recreate the fluttery strands seen on stage by swiping on a coat of Mascara base, which lifts and curls lashes from the roots. Follow up with Volumizing Mascara for full, clump-free definition in a single stroke.