All the Details on Sonia G.’s Newest Brush Set


Sonia G. of Sweet Makeup Temptations knows a thing or two about makeup brushes (she has 2,000 of them, after all). So when we learned that she was working on a new addition to her namesake line of fude, or Japanese-crafted brushes, we had to get the details. Read on to learn about the vision and inspiration behind Sonia G.’s new Pro Eye Set.

You’ve been working on a new set of brushes. How is the Pro Eye Set different from your other brushes?

My first collection of brushes was about shapes you won’t find anywhere else. They’re created to fill gaps in the fude world, work with specific products, and tackle difficult textures. It’s more about picking the brush that will cover a particular need that your existing brushes may not.

The Pro Eye Set has always been in my head—I’ve been dying to release these brushes! They were created with the makeup artist in mind. My goal was to design the best brushes in each category: Pencil, Builder, Worker, Crease, and Blender. The handles are also thinner and more lightweight for versatility and fast handling.

What was your biggest challenge in designing the Pro Eye Set?

With my first set, the biggest challenge was working with the brush artisans in Japan to create something completely different. With this new Pro set, the challenge was perfecting a basic shape to the highest degree. I wanted every single brush in this set to be a workhorse in its category and for them to form a perfect, cohesive set together.

Are these brushes good for beginners?

Absolutely! These are brushes we can all enjoy—everyone from beginners to pros! They work with different finishes and textures and give you the control you need for placement and gradual building. They also minimize fallout. They should save you time.

What’s your favorite part about designing makeup brushes?

Meeting the artisans in Kumano, Japan is a blessing. I get the chance to meet people who are so talented, kind, and thoughtful that they literally make me cry with joy!

The conception phase is also thrilling. One of the happiest moments is when I receive a finished prototype that matches my expectations perfectly. The very best and most exciting moment is when you get feedback from customers and friends after they use the brushes. Those are the most impactful, scary, and exciting moments.

One very touching moment that I will never forget was when Michele Wang posted the first-ever review of my brushes on YouTube. My husband was sitting next to me as I watched. He was so proud; I could see that he struggled to hide his emotions.

Of course, there are not only happy moments. There are also very stressful and upsetting moments. But in spite of the sleepless nights and the stress, it’s all so worth it.

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