5 Natural Ways to Soothe Migraine Symptoms

When pain on one side of your head strikes, it’s time to act quickly. Sometimes you can stop a migraine in its tracks by taking an Excedrin (always check with your doctor first)—other times the ache progresses into stabbing pain accompanied by throbbing, nausea and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

If you’ve never experienced these debilitating sensations, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. For my fellow migraine sufferers, relief is on the way—especially if you’re currently in the middle of an episode struggling to read this on your phone (ouch!). Turn the screen brightness down and let’s continue.

Here are my quick and easy tips for soothing a migraine stat, along with products to stock up on for next time…although we always hope that our current migraine will be our last.

Tip #1: Move to a quiet, dark room

During a migraine episode, sufferers are extremely sensitive to light and sound, both of which exacerbate pain and nausea. First things first: close blinds, turn off lights and wear earplugs for complete darkness and quiet. If you’re experiencing a migraine during the day, wear an eye mask to effectively block all light. You’ll feel much better once you shut off all sources of sound and light.

Tip #2: Cool down to quell the pain

Place an ice pack on the pain for immediate relief. No ice pack? A refrigerated gel sheet mask or eye patch treatment (placed on the forehead or temple) will provide temporary relief, as well as added skincare benefits.

Tip #3: Temple massage—the colder the better

If you can stand it, give yourself a gentle massage to ease tension in the area where you feel the most pain. Migraine sufferers, you should always have an ice roller on hand. Keep this stainless steel tool in your freezer for a burst of cool relief as you massage your pressure points.

Rose quartz facial rollers will also help manage pain, as this stone is known for relieving tension with a cooling sensation that kind of feels like an ice cube. Take the roller and target your temples and forehead with small strokes.

Tip #4: Drink water

Some migraines stem from dehydration, so make sure to replenish your body with water for a quicker recovery—you may feel better instantly! Keep a bottle that holds at least two cups of water by your bedside. If you fall asleep and wake up migraine-free, continue to hydrate to keep the pain from recurring.

Tip #5: Get some sleep

In my experience, sleep is the most effective way to soothe and eliminate migraines. Referring back to Tip #1, relocate to or create a quiet space. Replace your pillowcase with a fresh silk case for a cool, soothing effect and wear an eye mask for complete darkness. If you’re having trouble sleeping, spritz a sleep mist with lavender and chamomile oil into the air to create a calming environment for rest. Plus, inhaling lavender oil helps to reduce migraine pain and nausea.