3 Ways to Wear Iced Shades


Icy blue hues immediately conjure images of glacial fairy-tale queens, but odd placement and excess color can quickly separate a royal fantasy from a frostbite victim. So how do you incorporate the season's chilly tones without looking like you’re frozen to the bone? We recommend the best ways to capture winter’s frostier side.

Glacial Brows

Beauties, we're not asking you to paint your brows blue. Can we convince you to test a pale iridescent gray instead? When applied lightly on the brow bone and sparsely throughout the brows, this neutral-cool shade gives just enough of an icy overlay to look like you've been out in the snow.

Beautylish recommends: Styli Style Line & Seal 24 in Slate

Frostbitten Features

You can simulate a light-bounced-off-ice effect on your skin with a violet-tinged highlighter. The icy blue undertones create an arctic glow without the frozen temps. Unfortunately, this look can quickly turn hypothermic if you overapply, so keep the placement to the high planes of your face.

Beautylish recommends: Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Static

Low-Temp Lips

Opaque blue lips were all the rage during Fashion Week, but a solid coat of sapphire isn’t exactly office appropriate. Instead, opt for a sheer gloss with a cool-toned iridescence. Blue microspheres suspended in a clear base create an icy glaze that optically brightens your smile.

Beautylish recommends: Philosophy Blue Hawaiian Lip Shine

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