Rave-Ready Makeup


Raves were popular in the '90s and they’re still going strong in the new millennium, glow sticks and light shows galore! A hub for unique makeup, these underground parties showcase the best and brightest (literally!) in beauty. But how do you amp up your dance-floor look without piling on heavy, sweat-inducing makeup and hair products? We show you some easy ways to transform into a supernatural dancing diva. And with Halloween fast approaching, there’s no excuse not to completely unleash your creativity!

1. Pull an All-Nighter

Raves can last till sunrise, so your makeup needs to stay put. Skip foundation and opt for a heavy-duty mattifying loose powder instead. The lighting is so dim that you don’t need to worry too much about concealing skin imperfections. Apply an industrial-strength eye liner and use the most sweat-resistant mascara you can find.

MAC Liquidlast Liner in Point Black

2. Get Your Glow On

Underground settings usually have the coolest visual effects, so take advantage of the black light and pull out your neon brights! Many brands make glow-in-the-dark powders, polishes, eye shadows, and hair sprays. Kryolan, a German theatrical brand, carries a wide range of UV products for you to choose from. Customize your own illuminated manicure, or even coat your lashes with a special UV-sensitive mascara for lit-up lashes! Don’t just stop at the face, either—use these specially formulated cosmetics to paint cool designs on your body too.

Make Up For Ever Fluo Night Black Light Pigment and Kryolan UV Dayglow Spray

3. Slick It Up

The biggest beauty blunder of the evening is sweat, frizz, and poof. Hair tends to get a little gross after a dance-driven night out. Our advice? Create a cool, sleek updo to get the hair out of your face! Incorporate braids, twists, and buns, and secure the style to your head with loads of bobby pins. Once you’ve perfected a style, shellac your hair with a glossy, firm-hold wax or gel. Since you’ll give your hair a thorough wash in the morning anyway, funk it up with glitter or neon hair spray.

BedHead Head Shrink Mega Firm Gel

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