Make Hooded Eyes Pop With the Push Liner Technique


If you have hooded eyes, you know that applying eye makeup with limited eyelid space is a constant struggle. Take winged eye liner, for example—once you’re done applying your liner, there’s barely any visible space left on the lid for eye shadow. Luckily, makeup artist Wayne Goss has a technique to help make the most of your lid space. Wayne’s push liner technique is a must-have for making small or hooded eyes pop, and it only requires a flat liner brush and black eye shadow. “This technique creates the illusion that the lashes are really dark and thick,” says Wayne. “So it adds definition without taking up any lid space.” Keep reading to see how to define your eyes using Wayne’s push liner technique.

What You’ll Need

How to Apply Push Eye Liner

Dip your brush into black eye shadow, loading up the tip and sides of the brush with color. Tap off any excess to avoid fallout.

Starting at the inner corner of your eyes, nestle the tip of the brush deep into your upper lashline. Try to get as close to the bed of the lashes as possible. Press and wiggle the brush gently if needed to deposit product.

Continue along the entire upper lashline to the outer corner, pushing the liner into the base of your lashes to create depth and definition.

You’re done! From here, you can tightline the upper waterline, add a slim wing to the outer corner, or apply eye shadow to your lid however you desire. The beauty of push liner is that it leaves almost all of your eyelid free for eye shadow so you can get creative with your eye looks—no matter your eye shape.