DIY: Rainbow Ombré Tips


This week, the Beautylish team decided to take the dip dye hair trend (made famous by Lauren Conrad) to the test. With patience and a little gumption, we took our hair tips from drab to fab.

HOW TO Dip Dye Hair Color

Bleach Ends Brush the bleach on small sections (about one-inch sections) of hair and make sure you feather the tops of where the bleach will stop so you don't get a straight line (if you're not used to bleaching your own hair, you should go to a salon).

Wash and Blow Dry After you've lightened your color, wash, condition, and blow dry your hair. It's important that your hair is dry before putting the dye over the tips.

Go Color Crazy Brush the assorted colors you chose on different sections of the blonde tips—make sure you stagger the placement of each. By transitioning multiple colors down your hair, you'll be able to create a gradient look. 

Rinse it Out The longer you let the colors sit, the more bold and saturated they'll be. Once you're all done, carefully wash your ends and try not to let the colors bleed together. All that is left to do is style and you're all set!

Beautylish Tip: Bright colors fade fast, so wash your hair less if you want to enjoy your rainbow tips for longer!