Get this Glow Stick! Stila's New Lip Crayon Glows in the Dark


We all have our day makeup and our night makeup, each look with its own selection of shades and products. And the reason we're loving the latest high-octane lip crayons from Stila is that they work in both contexts. Brightening up your look under the daytime sun and then glowing by night, After Glow Lip Color can take you from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde (without having to swap out your lip product for something more dramatic).

The chunky pencils, in six shades vibrant enough to bring you back to the '90s, are part of the brand's new throwback summer collection (see also these 70s-esque tie-dye shadows). The blend of special fluorescent pigments are, according to Stila, three times brighter than conventional lip colors. Then, at night, they're designed to glow under UV light, so be prepared—this cosmetic glow stick has the ability to illuminate your mouth like a Lite-Brite. 

Night: Glow or No-Glow?
The glow-in-the-dark claim comes with some fine print—we could only get it to really work under ultraviolet black light. So while it may work in the right party situation, there aren't many everyday situations where you'd get that full effect. If you do wear this clubbin’, make sure your lips are super moisturized, as the bright, matte look shows every crease and crack of a dry pout. Luckily, the ingredients include algae extract, glycerin, sunflower seed oil, and vitamins C and E, so repeated use could actually help soften and nourish lips.

Day: Natural Beauty
Even without the glowing effect, Stila has produced a great crayon, including a twist-and-retract design, with the After Glow. First, it smells like a scented marker (cherry to be exact), and has a smooth consistency that glides on easily and allows you to build coverage. The effect is stain-like and good for long wear. The crayon itself is chunky enough to allow for easy and full application, but can also help with lining, which is good, because you’re not likely to find a liner to match these colors. The Electric Pink (pictured) shade goes on in a distinctive fuschia tint we haven’t really seen from other brands. When glowing under the black light, it’s more like Gwen Stefani’s hair circa 2000. The other shades (Vivid Violet, Tangerine Dream, Party Pink, Festive Fuschia and Rave Red) would be a fun, funky addition to any summer makeup regime. But be ready for the looks you’ll get.