Obsessed: Miracle Skin Transformer


A good foundation is the Wonderbra of beauty products: great for when you need to pull out the big guns. Sometimes, though, a girl just wants to look natural.

Tinted moisturizer has its place, but for those of us who like a slightly fuller coverage, the pigment can leave something to be desired. Personally, BB creams don’t do it for me. I’m too pale for most one-size-fits-all formulations because they tend to make me look a little sickly-gray. Meanwhile the jury’s still out on CC Creams. I know I’m not the only one who’s waiting for Chanel’s much-touted version to be available in the states!

Enter Sarah McNamara’s Miracle Skin Transformer. It’s my T-shirt bra: an invisible little secret to looking effortlessly polished. It has a velvety, pore-minimizing texture and finishes almost like a cream-to-powder. It takes the edge off my freckles as well as any redness, while still letting skin look like skin.

My dry/combination complexion likes a moisturizer underneath, but if you tend more toward oily skin, the vitamins A, K, E and antioxidants in the formula should be sufficient for you to wear it alone. It also accomplishes the tricky task of mattifying without being drying.



Bonus: the SPF is built right in, so you can strut your magnifying mirror-proof skin around in direct sunlight without fear of sun damage or telltale cakiness. Plus, with all its versatility, it hugely simplifies your vanity table!

It’s not quite parting the red sea, but I’d give it this Miracle Skin Transformer minor miracle status.