The Trick To Effortless, K-Beauty Inspired Diffused Lips


Are you over the sculpted, defined lip look? Ready to give your lip liner a break—at least for a bit? Let us (re)introduce you to the diffused lip look. Inspired by K-beauty—as most of the best beauty trends are—this look is a bit more blurred, hazy, and soft. Like blotted lips without any tissue or a natural-looking, post-popsicle flush. Here’s the trick to getting the diffused (aka gradient, popsicle, or reverse ombré) lip look effortlessly.

Start with moisturized lips

The foundation to any lip look is to start with a solid, hydrated base.

Get your color ready

We recommend a red or pink-toned shade in a velvety finish for the ultimate flushed, blurred look, but you can’t go wrong with any lip color of your choice.

Beautylish recommends Hourglass Velvet Story Lip Cream, Givenchy Le Rouge Deep Velvet, or BY TERRY Terrybly Velvet Rouge

Apply away

Here’s the key: the trick to getting an effortless diffused lip is to slowly and softly apply product with a lip brush. Start by applying pigment to the center, inner part of your bottom lip, and work your way out. Then, repeat to your top lip.

If you want more intensity, you can start with a base of nude lipstick or concealer blended onto your lips to make the color pop more. Or you can always layer on more color with the same technique. Remember: we want imperfect, blurred edges that look oh-so-natural, so don’t overthink it.

Beautylish recommends Kjaer Weis Lip Brush or Chikuhodo AF Series AF-8 Lip

That’s it—it’s that easy!

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