Lust + Luck: Green Lips


If there were ever a day to sport green lipstick, it’s today. On St. Patricks Day, nobody will bat a false eyelash at your lip color choice. In fact, your radioactive lips might just keep you from suffering a few holiday pinches!

Green lips can extend beyond today, as well. With such a wide variety of greens on the market, we found shades to match every personality, mood, and season. We unearthed Spring-ready mints and grassy pastels as well as metallic emeralds of varying tones -- all to help you create a fantasy statement or just make your everyday look a little more daring. Take a gander at our guide below and let it lead you to the ultimate in enviable green lips.

SweetPea and Fay

Liquid Lipstick in Scuba Gear | $7.99

Green Lipstick: Sweetpea and Fay Scuba Gear

An unusual shimmering spring green in a tube. This liquid lipstick has a glossy finish and is surprisingly opaque. We aren’t crazy about the squeeze tube design but to get the most out of the product we recommend a lip brush. The formula itself is thick, creamy, and moisturizing with a scent that smells lightly of vanilla but mainly of well, lipstick. The perfect cheerful green for the warmer days ahead.

Portland Black Lipstick Company

Lipstick in Chlorosis | $12

Green Lipstick: Portland Black Lipstick Company Chrlorosis

An extremely opaque shimmering green in a chapstick tube. The color is a true mint with a matching peppermint scent for the freshest kisses this side of the rainbow. The iridescent quality makes this a special green that glows even in a dim atmosphere. Very creamy and moisturizing, this overstated mint has an understated lip balm quality, giving you the best from both the lipstick and chapstick worlds in one roll-up tube.

Inglot Cosmetics

Freedom System Colour Play Palette in #92 | $13

Green Lipstick: Inglot Freedom System Color Play Lipstick #92

This ultra-pale lime comes in a pan making it versatile, and fit to be brushed on. The formula itself has a perky, fruity scent appropriate for the crazy kiwi color. The balmy finish feels smooth and the color payoff is high, which makes this lipstick a reliable choice for all your special cosmetic effects. Too much lime for you? Not a problem. Just snap a few blues and yellows into your Inglot Freedom Systems magnetic lipstick palette and mix yourself a more appealing shade of green.


Lipstick in Lime Green | $13

Green Lipstick: Ofra Lime Green

Though this appears borderline neon in the tube, the color payoff is slim to none. Balmy and moisturizing, the formula feels great on the lips, but the subtle green tint is underwhelming at best. The lipstick smells heavily of butterscotch and tastes like the scent of a sterilized doctors office. That being said, if a sheer green is on your list, this is the product for you.

Lime Crime

Lipstick in Serpentina | $18

Green Lipstick: Lime Crime Serpentina

Rich, shimmery, and surprisingly flattering, this is a green for the glamour crowd. The bright emerald color is Wizard Of Oz-worthy and the yummy vanilla scent that Lime Crime is known for makes it even better. Extended wear can lead to color migration, so line your lips first with a clear lip liner to keep this buttery-chic green lipstick put. Delightfully packaged in Lime Crime’s signature purple unicorn-emblazoned tube.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Lip Tar in Power Plant | $18

Green Lipstick: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Power Plant

Created in celebration of the Pantone color of the year, this shimmering emerald shines like a precious stone thanks to the company’s latest pearlescent Lip Tar technology. The shade looks more subtle than we expected, with a strong silver/blue undertone, giving off a cold and icy vibe. This is the ultimate goth green with glam appeal. Use with a lip primer to keep it from migrating, and don’t pass up the matching Power Plant nail polish OCC has produced alongside it.

Atomic Cosmetics

Lipstick in Cadillac | $20

Green Lipstick: Atomic Cosmetics Cadillac

A deep, dark, almost dirty emerald. This car-inspired shade melts into a creamy glide-on lipstick that doesn’t skimp on color. Scentless and flavorless, the all-natural green lippie is made in small batches by the owner of the company herself. Deceptively disguised in a pink princess-worthy tube, the long-wearing lipstick feels good on the lips and the non-toxic handmade formula is good for you as well.

Make Up For Ever

Flash Color #8 | $99 (sold in a case of 12)

Green Lipstick: Make Up For Ever

Shazam! Easily the highest impact green we tried, and the truest shade of the bunch. This “lipstick” is actually a multipurpose grease paint. The no-apologies kelly green color pops against any skin tone. The oil-based formula will remain greasy once applied so use caution when eating, drinking, or wearing white. The downside of this impressive emerald are the face paint taste, and the intense green stains the paint leaves behind after being wiped away. Be ready for green tinted lips long after St. Patricks Day.