Why These Three Artists Love Their Makeup Sponges


If there’s one thing you’re sure to find in every artist’s kit, it’s a sponge. This low-key, all-purpose blending tool is a major player in most every flawless makeup look we see out in the world. The sponge has come a long way too, with artists swapping out their white foam triangles for sponges in innovative shapes made from quality materials. But why sponge when you can brush (or fingertip)? We caught up with a few our favorite artists and makeup gurus at The Makeup Show NYC this past weekend to see how—and why—they use theirs.

“I mostly like to use sponges to correct and buff out mistakes. I think the dome-shaped sponges on the market right now are great. If you get makeup creasing under your eye, a dome sponge will just blot it out and lift excess makeup off, while imprinting it back on the skin, looking like skin.” Dani Fonseca, owner of body art and event production company, The Body of Art

“The only sponge I use is the beautyblender. I love that it applies any kind of cream makeup flawlessly—concealer, foundation, even cream blush! It does just what it says, blending effortlessly, without leaving behind any lines or streaks. As for white sponges, I like to do my nail polish with them!” Queen Of Blending, makeup artist and star vlogger

“Everybody likes to use a sponge to apply concealer and foundation, and I’m no different. Throughout the day, I’ll give a little ‘pat-pat-pat’ on my eye area and around my nose to keep it looking fresh. Sometimes I use my sponges for blush, or get them wet to blend things together. I use my Beautyblender for all that, and every so often, biodegradable disposable sponges. I think it’s important for sponges to be earth-friendly—that shouldn’t be rocket science.” Theo Kogan, CEO of Armour Beauty