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Everyone wants perfect, glowing, blemish-free, skin with invisible pores, and more than one makeup artist has said that if the base isn't perfect, then makeup won't ever look flawless on top. Barefaced beauty is also huge on the catwalk right now. The spring/summer 2012 shows delivered model after model with little more than eye liner and a little blush. Luckily, more than one great product can help you achieve this look, from your cleanser to your foundation.

1 Metamour Creme Cleanse

Using a cleanser morning and night is essential to maintaining a beautiful, clear complexion. This certified-organic creamy cleanser is so thick it's almost like a moisturizer, and it really works to clean your skin. Ingredients such as rose water and lavender help to soothe, and oat amino acids provide lots of moisture. It leaves your skin silky soft and clear, and is perfect in the winter when your face needs extra moisturizer.

2 Shiseido Future Solution Ultra Regenerating Serum

If you haven't heard about serums, listen up! A serum is a highly concentrated product that you apply before your moisturizer. This formula contains tiny microbeads that are massaged into your skin and Shiseido's signature ingredient, Skingenecell 1P, which stops the uneven breakdown of skin cells and encourages cell turnover. At $225, it’s not cheap, but a little goes a long way and you'll notice the difference within a few days.

3 Clinique RepairWear Laser Focus Makeup

If your skin isn't quite like porcelain on its own, then nothing can perfect it like foundation. Clinique's latest offering incorporates ingredients from its Anti-Aging Serum, so you not only cover blemishes and uneven skin tone but also prevent and repair UV damage. Sheer coverage means you can build layers and focus on areas that are more problematic.

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