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Don't we all remember our first beauty product and how it made us feel? Whether it was an eyeshadow from your sister or a stolen spritz of perfume off your mom's dresser, those products helped to transport us to another world where we were grown-up and sophisticated, allowed to wear bold lipstick and flutter our eyelashes. The Beautylish team knows all about the early love of makeup, and below share which product was their first try.


"Hashmi Kohl Kajal Eye liner was my favorite, and first, eye liner when I was around 13 years old. It is very dark, and glides on easily because it's in the form of a crayon. At first, I'd put it only on the bottom rims of my eyes. I became more daring as I got older, and I created heavily lined eyes for that Arab look. To apply it, I'd warm up the crayon up over a candle or under the blow dryer. It made the product super creamy, but also very messy. I wanted to look like my favorite Indian actress who wore this product, but I looked like a raccoon. I used to put on way too much liner, but since then I've learned different eyeliner techniques."


"My first product was Lip Smackers flavored lip balm! I was probably 10 or so and felt so grown-up putting it on, although it barely had pigment. Now I'm a makeup artist and I play with color all day long!"


"I was 12 when my mom first allowed me to use makeup, and she was all about subtlety—no black eye liner! So I bought my first four products at once: Cover Girl Clean Compact, Cover Girl Clear Mascara, Stila Apricot Lip Glaze, and Stila Convertible Eye Color in Ivy, a shimmering khaki olive. At the time, my mother also refused to let me wear mascara, to 'save my lashes,' so I naturally gravitated toward eye liner for a hint of drama. When I added that olive green liner, my hazel-brown eyes popped! For extra polish, I dusted on Cover Girl pressed powder, before the era of pimples and zits, and clear mascara, which tamed my unruly brows too—double-duty! I used Stila Apricot Lip Glaze, a clear apricot shade for a sheer sheen that smells just like the fruit! And to this day, I still choose eye liner over mascara."


"My first foray into beauty was an Estée Lauder lipstick. The shade was called Naive Rose—so fitting, right?—and it was a rosy plum color that looked just slightly pinker than my natural lip hue—there was no way my mom would let me get away with wearing a bright red. I remember walking into the Bullock's in Westwood—this was before it became a Macy's—and going straight to the Estée Lauder counter. My mom wore Lauder herself and the gold packaging seemed so grown-up and glamorous to me. I would bring my precious Naive Rose to school for picture day and whenever I wanted to feel pretty. I didn't have to actually apply the lipstick for this boost—just knowing it was in my bag was enough. To this day, I still love the fruity smell of Lauder lipsticks."


"My first product was Benetint Lip Balm. I loved it because I was afraid of putting on lipstick. It was a great alternative because it hydrated my lips and gave me a slightly different color without it being too much. I kept it in my purse at all times and put it on whenever I felt like my lips looked pale."


"My first product was more edible than anything else. I took Lip Smackers lip balm in 'Chocolate Milk' on a week-long class camping trip. I just remember continually putting it on my lips during hikes and other activities and then immediately licking it off, reapplying and licking it off again. It tasted so good, I honestly just wanted to eat it!"


"I delved into the big guns early on with bright red lipstick. I can't remember the shade or brand, but it was something off my mom's dresser. I always wanted to be able to apply it without looking in a mirror, so I would continually apply and then run into the bathroom and pose for a while. I think I loved the idea of being glamorous more than anything!"

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