How to Turn Your Hat Hair Into Haute Hair


The fall/winter hats of 2012 have us itching to sport a Ralph Lauren Great Gatsby-inspired number (just in time for the movie!). But whether we don a newsboy cap or a big floppy bohemian brim, we all know what taking it off means: hat hair. Not to worry! Follow these three easy steps and your hair will be picture perfect again in no time.


Try to pick a hat that’s not too tight and then wear it perched more toward the back of the head to avoid that dreaded brim indentation on your forehead. A hair primer (we likeLiving Proof’s Prime Style Extender) applied before you blow-dry will extend your style twice as long. And it will make re-styling easier. Be sure your hair is completely dry before donning your chapeau, so you’re not molding your hair into a helmet underneath.


If you’re at home with ten minutes to spare, run a hand towel through hot water, wring, then wrap around your head for a few minutes to reset your ‘do. This will help to iron out any brim indentations in your hair. Then blow-dry your hair upward to restore volume.

If you’re out and about with no access to a sink or hairdryer, stash a travel-size dry shampoo (skinnyskinny makes an organic rose and black pepper version) and a fine comb in your bag for teasing your locks back to life.


Keep a few bobby pins and an elastic ponytail holder in your purse (fasten them together for easy access) and try the lazy girl’s updo: the messy-chic style will disguise any lingering indentation issues, and it’s super easy to recreate on the fly.

Now go out there and rock that brim with confidence!

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