3 Ways to Keep Your Hair Static Free


Want to learn how to prevent static hair during the winter? Summer's humidity means electrons move off of you faster, so it's hard to build up a big static charge. But when the cold weather hits, the air becomes drier and static electricity wreaks havoc on your hairstyle. Read on for three tips to tame your tresses.

Hydrate Hair

Moisture helps to fight electric flyaways. Stock your shower with a hydrating shampoo/conditioner. Celebrity hairstylist Ashley Javier recommends not shampooing as often, "you can rinse or wash with just hot water and follow with conditioner."

Choose Products and Tools Wisely

Unlike plastic tools, hair brushes with wooden handles and stiff, wide bristles don't give your hair a positive charge. Blow-dryers with ionic technology can also help to balance out the hair's electric charge. "Using an Ionic blow dryer will help keep the moisture in the hair," explains Javier. Styling products can also help. Avoid product with alcohol-based ingredients and other harsh chemicals (such as sodium lauryl sulfates, more commonly known as SLS). Aerosol hair sprays actually dry your hair out and create a better environment for static to reign free, so avoid them in cold climates. Instead, use a gel with a moisturizing hold—we recommend Aveda Brilliant Retexturing Gel.

Style Appropriately

When all else fails, keep your loose strands tight with a slicked-back updo or bun. To protect your clothing from creating an electrical charge, spray hats, scarves, and any other accessories with a light coating of anti-static spray to prevent static from forming. Pack a few dryer sheets in your purse for on-the-go static removal

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