Would You Rock Visible Bobby Pins?


images courtesy of fashionising.com, lipstickandluxury.com, aceshowbiz.com

Traditionally, hairpins were a girl's best-kept secret. Then, we began to transform these mundane metal clips with sparkle or floral flair. Now the plain pins are being used as dramatic statement accessories on red carpets and runways. But is the look fabulous or a bit of a faux pas? While it’s less dramatic than say, having an exposed bra strap, showing off bobby pins sort of takes the charm out of a structured ‘do. But before you pass judgement on the fad, we rounded up a few ways the trend is being sported so you could test the effect.

image courtesy of glamour.com

The easiest way to try the trend is by opting for a bobby pin that contrasts with your hair color. If you have red, brunette, or blonde strands, chose black hairpins. For dark brown or black tresses go for white or gold pins. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, create one massive clip using a row of bobby pins similar to the style seen Falguni & Shane Peacock (top, center) or Christian Dior’s Paris fashion show a few years ago. The cluster of pins will give your mane a high texture crimped effect. Try five clips in a row in a face-framing location such as right above the ear. For a really head-turning take on the fad, mimic Diane Kruger’s innovative 2011 Cannes Film Festival look (right). Affix a bunch of pins all over your head by twisting and connecting strands for a romantic yet edgy interlocked style.

Beauties, do you think these looks are terrific or tacky? Vote and share your thoughts below!