Short and Sweet Hair Inspirations


Just because you have shorter hair, that doesn't mean you can't experiment with your cut! Since you have less hair to work with, you need that extra creative touch. Check out these three inspirational videos for short-haired Beauties!

VIDEO How To Style Short Hair Tutorial + Tips for Volume by Moda Vista V.

If you have a super short pixie cut, give it some lift and volume. Moda Vista shows you how to blow-dry and tease to give your hair that extra bounce. 

VIDEO Short Hair Tutorial: Flexirod MoHawk by Alyssia K.

If your hair is pretty short, you can use flexirods on the crown to create a curly fauxhawk. Alyssia shows you how she styles her hair after she takes the flexirods out.

VIDEO Curling with a Straightener by Edith L.

Think you can't rock curls with shorter hair? Edith shows you how to create beautiful waves with a flatiron to add an instant touch of glam to your hairstyle.