Would You Shave Your Brows In The Name Of Beauty?


Unwanted facial hair is something many of us give no thought to, waxing, plucking, and zapping away, but what about shaving your eyebrows? They say that the brows make the face, but what happens when you take them away?

Jared Leto learned all about it after recently shaving off his arches for a role as a transexual in upcoming film Dallas Buyers Club. As alien as the transformation may be, we must say—we are impressed by how it’s brought out his eye shape and bone structure. When he’s not shooting, Leto remains browless, sometimes using thick rimmed glasses to distract from the loss above his lids. Is Leto’s hairlessness hot or maybe just a tad harrowing? Is the world ready for the browless face of the future?

On the other hand, brow-shaving doesn’t always amount to an empty expression. Just ask the rotating contestants of Ru Paul’s Drag Race who appear regularly on the show with clean-shaven faces before painting and plastering their brows back on. Daily eyebrows are chosen to suit a mood, match an outfit, and follow a contour line. Seeing drag stars like Sharon Needles make such drastic brow transformations on the regular makes us wonder if we’re missing out on makeup possibilities simply by being afraid to pluck?

We’re asking you! Would you shave it all off to draw it back in? Would you brandish a bald brow like a boss? Is eyebrow shaving the way of the future or is it best left for the few? Let us know below.