Keep Fine Hair From Falling Flat


Fine hair can be a blessing and a curse. Blessing: Your hair is malleable and generally healthy. Curse: It can look limp and oily after one day. Not to fear! Follow these three basic rules and you’ll be flipping your full locks in no time.


Conditioner can weigh down fine hair, but it’s still necessary if you color, heat-style, or have any damage at all. The perfect way to get around this is to condition before you shampoo. It seems counterintuitive, but if you only clarify your crown with an anti-residue shampoo after conditioning, it makes a world of difference in the cleanliness of your hair.


If you can make it, try to shampoo and condition every other day at the most frequent. Use a good dry shampoo in between washes to keep your hair volumized and smelling fresh, and dry shampoo can also be a great volumizer if your hair looks flat after blow-drying or if you’ve used too much product. If you DIY your dry shampoo, be sure to rub it in well to avoid the granny effect.


After your shower, don’t slather on that leave-in conditioner or frizz reducer right away. Blow-dry your hair until it’s 50% dry, then work in your product from the back of the hair through the ends, skipping the roots.

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