In Defense of the Natural Nail


With the nail trend reaching a frenzy, sometimes it can feel like an obligation to stay perfectly polished at all times. A neatly manicured hand is a beautiful thing, but one chip can ruin the whole picture. And perfection is no easy feat! Your manicure has to contend with smudging, smearing—not to mention decreased utility for opening packages and fighting crime.

Maybe it’s time for a backlash! While we will always love the creative nail art out there, au naturale could be the new way to stand out. Bonus: it’s a good idea to give your nails a break from all those chemicals once in awhile. Even fashion-forward Rihanna was seen sporting bare nails this fall!


Unpolished doesn’t have to mean unmanicured. Be sure your cuticles are neatly trimmed and moisturized, and nails are neatly filed in a flattering shape (glass files are the most gentle and precise). If you prefer a bit of sheen, buff with a four-sided buffer until they shine.


If your nails are too weak and brittle to rock the unpolished look, cheat with a nail-strengthening treatment. Perfect Formula gel coat comes in clear or yellow-neutralizing pink, and is the perfect interim solution for nail woes. Nail Envy by OPI is also beloved for its calcium- and protein-rich formula.


Don’t think of it as a lazy girl cop-out. Enjoy the ease and individuality that comes with a naked nail look that says, yeah, I’m just naturally like this. It takes moxie to go against the grain, and you’ll be doing your nail beds a solid favor. Rock that confident un-manicure!

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