15 Halloween Nail Art Looks


Halloween may just be our favorite holiday and by the looks of it, you guys feel the same way! Even if your costumes aren’t picked out and your plans aren’t set, let these Halloween nail art ideas help you get inspired to finish (or start!) getting in the spirit. These stand-out nail designs are by members of the Beautylish Community from all over the world! 

1: Creepy-Cute Mixed Media

Halloween Nail Art: Creepy-Cute Mixed Media

by Cutepolish X. (check out the tutorial here)

2: Simple Skull Accent Nail

Halloween Nail Art: Simple Skull Accent Nail

photo Tina P. | nail art by Kristen

3: Classic colors, fresh pattern

Halloween Nail Art: Classic colors, fresh pattern

by Dear N.

4: Black Cats!

Halloween Nail Art: Black Cats

by Liudmila Z.

5: Iron Fist Zombies

Halloween Nail Art: Iron Fist Zombies

by Kelly T.

6: Witchy Belt + Kitty

Halloween Nail Art: Witchy Belt + Kitty

by Samantha S.

7: Jack Skellington

Halloween Nail Art: Jack Skellington

by Samantha H.

8: Día de Muertos Sugar Skulls

Halloween Nail Art: Día de Muertos Sugar Skulls

by Kristin B.

#9 Psychedelic Skull

Halloween Nail Art: Psychedelic Skull

by Cristina F. | letthemhavepolish.com

10: The Dark Knight Joker

Halloween Nail Art: The Dark Knight Joker

by Nuvia Z.

11: Friday The 13th Theme

Halloween Nail Art: Friday The 13th Theme

by Stephanie N.

12: Blood-Splattered

Halloween Nail Art: Blood-Splattered

by Viola H.

13: Blingy Spiderwebs

Halloween Nail Art: Blingy Spiderwebs

by MadJennsy N.

14: All About Buffy!

Halloween Nail Art: All About Buffy!

by Stacey M.

15: Glow-In-The-Dark Cat Eyes

Halloween Nail Art: Glow-In-The-Dark Cat Eyes

by Jazmin M.

Share your Halloween looks (nails, face, hair—anything!) in the comments or in the photos section; we'll feature our favorites at the end of October!