Nail Polishes That Make You Look Tan


Spring is sort of a weird time for your skin, right? You’re coming off of a long winter, so you’re super pale and sort of wan. You might even describe yourself as pasty. Yellow. Not sexy. And yet, the weather’s getting warmer—so it seems somehow inappropriate not to be sporting a sun-kissed glow (if only we could fast-forward to July). No worries, we have a surprising quick fix that’ll magically make you look like you just returned from Ibiza…in seconds! The right shade of nail polish. Yep, your mani-pedi can give the illusion of a sunlit, radiant complexion. Here are our faves.


Any color that’s lighter than your skin tone will make your complexion pop (dark, deep hues will do exactly the opposite—avoid plums and navies). For the most drama, try a bright white or ivory hue! So Malibu. Pro tip: If you want high drama, go for a matte shade; glossier whites are a softer look.

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Cool pastels bring out warmth and color in your skin, no matter how fair or deep your complexion. Bonus? A minty green-blue acts as a color corrector, counteracting the yellow and pink-ish undertones that rear their heads after a long, pale winter.

Try: Essie Nail Color in Mint Candy Apple, $8.50

Gold-shimmer nudes

Shimmery metallics (gold, not silver) reflect light, bringing a sunny glow to your fingers and toes. And what’s more Bora Bora–getaway than that? Keep your nude as pale as possible—tawny hues flatter fair-to-medium skin; caramels look great on darker skin.

Try: Bobbi Brown Glitter Nail Polish in Bare Peach, $15

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