4 Reasons Why Anyone Can Wear Glitter Makeup



Apply two coats of any color nail polish and let dry. Then, apply top coat to the tip of your nails as you would a french manicure. Immediately dip your nail into a jar of glitter, then use a flat brush to taper the glitter down the nail. Allow a couple of minutes for drying, then seal the look with top coat.


As simple as it gets! Pat loose glitter over existing lip color using your ring finger. Drier, matte formulas or lip liners tend to work best with glitter.


Pour a bit of loose glitter onto a clean surface, then add a few drops of glitter base to create a liquid liner. Draw on your liner using a synthetic angled brush.


Dip a brow comb into a little bit of glitter base, then brush and groom the brows. After, dip an angled brush into loose glitter and apply over brows before the base dries.

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