Two Great Ways To Wear Glitter!


Glitter is back and better than ever! New glitters, like Lit Cosmetics, offer a wide array of colors and sizes. Plus with products like Lit's Clearly Liquid Glitter Base or Too Faced's Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue, it's easy to incorporate glitter into any look. Go bold with a pop of bright color or add a deep metallic tone to a smokey eye to give it some glittering drama. 

Here are two easy ways to work glitter into your looks:


First, touch up on your eyebrows and give them a nice shape. We used Anastasia's Beauty Express for Brows & Eyes.

Then using Too Faced Perfect Eye Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Moss, define the bottom of your eyes going from corner to corner and up around the crease on the lid.

Using the smudge tool of the eyeliner blend the liner to create a softer edge.

Using a brush, dip the brush lightly in Lit Clearly Liquid Glitter Base and apply it gently and carefully around the bottom line of your eyes, underneath your bottom lashes.

Dip the brush into the glitter and apply it on top of the glitter base.

We picked Lit's Green Machine here but you can use any bright color as an accent!


Shape your eyebrows with Anastasia Bold & Beautiful Kit's Bold Brows.

To create the smokey eye look, we used Too Faced The Return of Sexy. This palette contains 15 beautiful eye shadows, we selected the shade Innocent and applied it around the lid and the bottom lash line.

Apply a small amount of Lit Clearly Liquid Glitter Base on top of the eye shadow.

To pair with this shadow, we chose Lit Hot Chocolate in Size 3 and applied it around the top, outer corners of the eyes, and along the bottom lash line.

Finish off with a bit of eyeliner on the top of the lid around your lashes, and apply black mascara.

Now go out and razzle dazzle them!!