This Zombie Makeup Tutorial Will Turn You Into the Walking Dead!


Makeup Artist Kat Leiberkind
on Zombie Makeup...

LEVEL: Advanced TIME: 1-2 hours

"I was inspired by one of the zombies from Pirates of the Caribbean. The zombie in that film has both eyes glued down with a piece of twine hooked through—I wanted to do something with the lids as well. The green slime at the end was just funny. I feel like slime is something everyone loves. You can get it in the toy store and everyone reacts. Maybe this zombie had a cold.

When working on a model, you want to make sure that you discuss in detail exactly what you're going to put on the face and in what order, plus the consequences of each step. Allergies are important to talk about. Are the eyes going to be glued shut? Can the model open their mouth or speak? What about eating, drinking, and sitting? You should talk about different glues and how difficult they are to remove. A makeup artist should remove all the special effects."