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The Minty-Fresh At-Home Microdermabrasion Treatment We Love


All artists know the benefits of starting out with a smooth canvas—and that principle applies to makeup, too. Exfoliating has become as much a part of our skin care routines as cleansing and moisturizing.

Microdermabrasion had been a spa staple until at-home versions of the treatment started to hit the market a few years ago. It’s similar to exfoliation in that the point is to buff away dead skin cells for smoother, more radiant skin—but in microdermabrasion, the scrub (or abrasive) ingredients are smaller and more refined, for more targeted results. Regular sessions are thought to reduce the look of fine lines, brighten dullness, and tighten pores—the perfect antidote to dull, dry skin.

Luckily, this spring Bliss debuted its Micro Magic Dermabrasion Treatment ($48), the scrub-in-a-tube version of the popular treatment featured in Bliss spas around the country. Volcanic pumice stone is its exfoliating ingredient, like you’d often see in foot scrubs, but much, much more refined. Using the scrub feels like a super-fine professional microderm session without the high costs and machinery, and it’s easy to integrate into a once-a-week deep-cleansing routine.

Some comparable scrubs can be scary-abrasive, but since the granules here are super small, there’s much less chance of irritation. Plus this formula contains vitamin E, jojoba oil, and aloe, all nourishers that make skin feel silky smooth and supple (not raw or tender) after rinsing. Another pleasant surprise was the peppermint extract, which cools and refreshes as it fights bacteria growth—not to mention, it smells delish!

The key to application is to keep it gentle. A quarter-sized dollop will suffice for the whole face, and you only need to massage it in for a minute or less. We recommend using it in the shower after your cleanser, since it’s so quick and simple. The shower stream will help you get a thorough rinse—make sure you get all the granules off—and then follow with your usual serum or moisturizer.

If you have rosacea or severe acne, you may want to consult your derm before squeezing that tube. But for the fine-lined, the dark-spotted, and the dull-skinned among us, this stuff is pretty magical indeed. You can buy it here.

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