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Stray Grays? 3 Ways to Cover Them Up Fast


I don’t think of myself as old, by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just not…ultra-young. I’m 38, which, I’ve decided, is the new 25. I’m like a Generation X’er with a Millennial rising. I enjoy Drake and Taylor Swift, and in certain pics I think Harry Styles is hot. Even better, I can still fit in my college jeans, and I get carded sometimes! I. Am. Not. Old. But my hair thinks I am.

I have grays. Serious grays. Not a few here or there, or a patch, but two-weeks-after-getting-color-my-roots-are-salt-and-pepper grays. No matter how I part my hair, you can see them. For some, grays are distinguished and sexy (and even hipster-edgy, these days), but I’m not one of those people. I want fresh, auburn-brown roots at all times. Thank goodness there are a few good products on the market that make that possible. Here are my go-to gray erasers.


Available in five shades (from Light Blonde to Dark Brown/Black), Rita Hazan Root Concealer for Gray Coverage is just the thing for a quick touch-up between salon appointments. The rinse-out aerosol spray comes with a pinpoint nozzle that allows you to easily target all the strands at your hairline and part. Genius!


Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Pen is just so handy! The adorably portable pen comes in five shades, and covers stray grays (and brightens fading highlights) in seconds. It shampoos out, and is safe for pregnant women, too.


Color Wow Root Touch Up’s packaging is incredible. A super-sleek, sexy little case houses a tiny brush and powder‚—which is specially formulated to stick to hair until you wash. Not only do the six shades conceal beautifully, they look good while doing it.

Tia Williams has been a beauty editor for 15 years, at publications like ElleGlamourLucky, and Back in 2005, Tia created one of the first beauty blogs, Shake Your Beauty, where she wove her love of products through hilarious vignettes from her life as a beauty expert and mom living in Brooklyn. She’s also written several books, including the best-selling novel The Accidental Diva and supermodel Iman’s The Beauty of Color. Follow Tia on Twitter @shakeyourbeauty.