Anna Sui Does It Again! Her Classic Lipsticks Just Got a Big Makeover for Fall


All things Anna Sui—from her runway designs to beauty collections—draw inspiration from vintage styles. So it’s no surprise she’s given her beloved lipsticks a retro makeover for fall. That’s right, it’s time to say goodbye to the black enamel sculpted rose tubes and usher in some seriously flashy new packaging. The new tubes, which are a translucent silvery-black, have a sort of hip-grandma vibe, in the most appealing possible way: small diamond-shaped engravings cover the outside, and there are black stars sketched along the base. 

One thing that’s carried over from the classic tube is a sculpted flower that sits on top of the cap; another is Anna’s signature rose scent, lightly infused into the product. But the real surprise is inside: pop off the top, and the lipstick bullet itself is cut in the shape of a star! Pretty much the coolest thing ever. 

The majority of the “V” shades (“V” stands for “vivid”) have been slightly updated, but two—#400 and #401—Anna’s favorite, bestselling reds, have stayed exactly as they’ve always been. There’s also a new group, the “M,” or “Marbled”—three new lipsticks, each blended from two colors, one shimmery, one solid. They’re somewhat sheer on, but the shimmer is totally noticeable, especially in direct sunlight (we’re not complaining!). See—and shop!—all the shades below. 

Anna Sui Lipstick V

$30 each | shop all 10 shades

1) 300 Light Pink, muted pink | shop it
2) 301 Beige Pink, light mauve | shop it
3) 302 Fresh Pink, rose pink | shop it
4) 303 Vesta Pink, coral pink | shop it
5) 400 Anna Red, deep red | shop it
6) 401 Brilliant Red, classic red | shop it
7) 402 Wine Red, deep red purple | shop it
8) 600 Aragon Orange, soft pastel orange | shop it
9) 601 Vivid Orange, bright orange | shop it
10) 700 Daffodil Beige, light terracotta | shop it

** **

Anna Sui Lipstick M

$30 each | shop all 3 shades

1) 370 Coral Shell x Pearl White, pinky-coral swirled with shimmery white | shop it
2) 371 Deep Pink x Maroon Brown, rich bubblegum pink swirled with maroon brown | shop it
3) 770 Pearl Beige x Orchid Purple, pearly shimmery beige swirled with orchid purple | shop it

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