Anastasia's Hyper Tea Party Photo Recap! 


It was a bright and perfect Sunday when Anastasia had the who's who of Los Angeles beauty over for tea, sunshine, music, and fun! The celebration was in honor of Anastasia's Hypercolor collection, and guests were encouraged to show off makeup and hair created with the products and don their most colorful attire. And don colorful attire, they did! Above: Colorful cakes, candies, and macarons took center stage in the elaborate spread. We couldn't get enough of the fancy kettles, teacups, and saucers! 

Gracious hosts Anastasia Soare (left) and daughter Claudia Soare looked gorgeous and hyper-colorful in purple and coral. 

Guests Andres Rigal and makeup artist–model Mynxii White nailed their accessories, no? 

We loved Andres' gold oxfords, which stole the show even amid all the fab platforms and heels, and Mynxii's mix-and-match mani.

No one rocks a platinum pixie cut like the always lovely superstar blogger Kandee Johnson

We were so impressed to learn that model and illustrator Natasha Lillipore DIY'ed her super-glam sunnies and nails. 

Sugarpill founder Amy Doan (aka Shrinkle) and the Queen of Blending show us what Hypercolor is all about!

Beautylish staffers managing editor Jill Russell and art director Bec Stupak took the opportunity to soak up the sun.

It was a wonderful afternoon, and we all left inspired to get more color into our makeup routines and wardrobes. Thanks, Anastasia!